I don’t want to be a beta tester

This game is unfinished and they probably knew it before they launched it . Shame on you . Maybe they had pressure to release it .You should have waited , losing your name won’t help you in the futur.


of course they knew. all these bugs and crashes can only be unknown to somebody who never touched this game. read the mod's answers: "this is a known bug, the devs are working on it[...]enjoy it!" they know all about this mess.
honestly, devs should have worked on it before the release. it's obvious, because it happens on all platforms, pc, ps and xbox. it just isn't a finished product ready for retail and the customers were deceived. who greenlit this for release?

where's the day one patch? or any patch for that matter. or any kind of timelime?

was there a deadline? end if the fiscal year, perhaps?

i feel lied to and will avoid developer and publisher in the future.

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Although I dont think the dev will confirm or deny.... I think the publisher forced them to release it in this state. You can feel the love put into the game and yet at the same time its in the state that it is.... Something doesent add up

This is ridiculous...
If you can only play one level of a game (and then you get corrupted files and lose everything) it is not a finished product...
Did they even run beta testing? Such a great concept.... completely destroyed... it is fun to play up to level 1 though...

Blood Bowl 2 was released like this as well. Super buggy, crashed constantly and it was a long time coming for a patch.

So it’s not a single time thing. Problem is they have the Games Workshop IP it seems so if you’re a Warhammer or Warhammer 40K fan this is what you have to deal with. It’s so frustrating because they’re good games once they actually get the problems out. They’re also immersive and lore accurate so these rocky launches are just heartbreaking.