Some minor issues

Various minor issues:

  • Used death from above targeting/highlighting 1 character. Jumped onto destructible bridge and target was not on bridge. DFA stunned and damaged my character and didn't affect target at all.
  • AI ending turn on elevator may fall through the floor if the elevator is called by someone else. Send this 3 times.
  • In a match when searching sometimes up/down gets stuck cycling thru items. Hear continuous clicking after backing out to normal game screen.
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Hello, sorry to hear you faced these problems.
We notified the devs and they will work on it, thank you for your report 🙂

I've noticed a couple of games that death from above doesn't seem to work for AI against me or other AI. On Xbox. Last night it was very hard. 4 gang retrieval med supplies on the snowy map. It was goliath gangers death from above not working. Sorry can't remeber actual name of map. Worked to my favor but not very fair on them.