Seeing my own shadow /Randomized scratch,dirt on weapons

2 ideas ,one of them being important :

-it is almost a necesity for a firstperson game to be able to see our own shadow especcialy in shadow dependant areas where your ennemy can see your shadow before you show any part of your body .

-Having a randomized skin pattern for guns would make them really interesting instead of always the same skin you can enjoy looking for differences between each one (no colored/painted guns !)

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-I wonder if analyzing any of the gameplay footage would answer that question. I just watched the "BBBRRRRTTT" clip and I did catch a glimpse of shadow from the teammate, but nothing from the player. Maybe further analyzing of other clips would prove more insightful.

-I don't think the skin idea is very possible. From the tiny bit of skin creation experience that I have, you'd have to create multiple skins for each weapon, which would take up a lot of space. Maybe there's a way to code in randomly placed scratches and dirt, but I've never looked into it. Your best bet would just be "battle worn" skins upon release.

Im gonna bump this. Your shadow very much will cost you your life in this game. A full body a-la wolfenstein tnc is what we need or at least 2 legs and a shadow. Cmon its the latest unreal. Its gonna be able to do it.