What's the direction?

I've recently started to follow this game. I have played the original Insurgency at the beginning and it was okay.

Based on the footage that I have seen and the type of play that it is I'm really looking forward to this game. We all individually have our own vision of what the game should be and what I hope for is longevity, stability, and competitiveness. I do like games that have a very good balance of realism and arcade. Based on watching level-cap video he said it's in between Battlefield 3 and squads. That type of gameplay is what I'm looking for. I tried to find information on some of these questions I'm asking about the direction of this game either I'm not looking hard enough or it's just not there. So does anyone know what their direction for this game is. I love milsim games. I loved Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3 and from there my heart sank in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1. I've been waiting for something to come out and I hope this game is it. I think they're just in the right window to release this game and hopefully even take over the milsim franchise that can make it great again.

I have noticed some military vehicles but not the main focus. Is there a future of having full military vehicles from helicopters to airplanes and anything else?

Yes I feel like an insecure boyfriend looking for reassurance:)

I enjoy squads and Battlegrounds because of the balance realism/arcade mechanics but both have very slow gameplay.

If anyone has any input on this or has any links that I can read like a Q&A from the devs that would be great thank you.

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The only vehicles the dev can confirm right now is light vehicles used for transportation. It have trucks with a mounted MG in place if you watch the trailer. There is no player controlled tanks, choppers or fighters.

With that said, the choppers and fighter can be called in by the commander. The commander can called call in support if another player had the radio. IMO, If you were expecting for a 'Battlefield' like shooter with 64 player support, you come to the wrong game. If you were expecting for something like; 'some realism were sacrificed and offered a little arcade experience' , you come to the right place.

In fact, I believe the dev already did a FAQ about Sandstorm already if you haven't tuned in by now:

Youtube Video

Youtube Video

As a side note, the game is currently in testing phase. They are currently working on polishing the game as of right now. Stay tune to Social Media channels and newsletter for more information. Sandstorm should be coming out sometimes in 2018.

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