Storehouse control layout ( Feedback 12.2)

Hello since the implementation of the storehouses and like i say in a previous post.
I find the control layout of the menus very confusing and not intuitive and i constantly found myself pressing the wrong key.


I think that a minor change will make the interface more userfriendly and intuitive, and since the menus has 3 posible scroll rows I suggest this changes:

-The top row ("Z"-"C") change it for the letters on top of the keyboard ("Q"-"E")

-The middle row ("Q"-"E") change it for the letters on the middle of the keyboard ("A"-"D")

-The bottom row ("A"-"D") change it for the letters on the bottom of the keyboard ("Z"-"C")


I think this changes will improve the user interface and make it more logical and intuitive, you can apply this changes to all the menus that share the same type of window to make it all look the same and be controled the same, top("Q"-"E"), middle("A"-"D"), bottom("Z"-"D").

Greetings and keep improving the game.

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thx for reports and tests!

“fuel in generator” in storehouse - that is this?

@Stazco said in Storehouse control layout ( Feedback 12.0):


thx for reports and tests!

“fuel in generator” in storehouse - that is this?

Hello @Stazco it's a new mechanic they include, in some crafting sites (Storehouses) instead of ask you for materials to be able to craft the things you want, they ask you for electricity because they don't have ,so in order to get materials you will need to park a new generator trailer in a spot designed for that in the factory, once parked and deployed the crafting site can produce but each thing you want will cost you that the generator will spent X amount of is own fuel(It starts in 1500L), basicaly each thing you craft in that factories cost you fuel instead of materials and a generator if you don't have any on the site, you can buy in the trailerstore or bring it from other storehouse that already has one(There are only 1 on map at the beggining)

I think that this new mechanic is cool because in real life in the aftermatch of a natural disaster many places can continue working because they lack electricity, and the old mechanic of carry materials still present in other parts of the map.


In the picture you can see the spot designed for the generator and the generator itself(I hope that the model are unfinished and they add more colours to the details to make it more realistic an less plastic model alike) , also you can see the new finetune gearbox, it is similar to the one mudrunner where you can let the stick in many positions(only in the low gears) for playing with keyboard its a great addition because it works like throtle modulator.

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thx for info!

so finally we’ve found the use for the fuel cisterns!)

Hello, still in 12.1

Greetings and keep it improving the game

Hello, many thanks for the changes on the control layout, now is more user friendly and less confusing.


Well done.
Greetings and Keep it improving the game.