Asking a Map builder with steam on PC for a favor

I want to find a method for getting rid of the error in MudRunner maps for EPIC
More precisely this error:

alt text

That error is because an entrance-point is missing!
I know that it is caused by incompatibility between the 2009 editor, and the 2017 game.
My thoughts are that if i have the files from a functional map, with one truck, enabled and un-locked, then i may be able to make a default template for any mudRunner map, with a valid entrance point.
I would then share this template with everybody. It should lead to many new maps for all to enjoy! The 2009-spinTires-Editor, does not create it! I want to test if Steam-mudRunner-Editor do create an entrance-point.
(I have solved incompatible issues in Battlefield editor, like that.)

Nothing is being hacked so all is perfectly legal!

The map you should make would be :

  • Name : level_portMR (Its just to make sure name does not conflict
  • Largest size (32*32)
  • No landscaping
  • One truck Not-locked and open

And that is it. Nothing more so its not even 5 mins of 'work' 🙂

You should then test the map ingame, and make sure it can open and that you can get into the truck and drive -Eg test it for functionality. That is just to make sure that any fails on my side, is actual my idea failing 🙂

I would then need these files from folder Media\levels

  • level_portMR.stg

From folder Prebuild

  • Whole folder: level_portMR
  • File : level_portMR.xml

Combined, ~ 32 MB, so zipped ~ 9 MB
You can upload that zip file to any upload-site, and post the link here.

That would let me make the experiments
I would be very grateful if anyone would assist me

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Here you go. This is the whole mod folder of the map out of Steam Editor's Media Folder (MudRunner - Editor \ Media \ _mods):

Mapname is level_portmr instead of level_portMR, because the Editor doesn't allow any letters in caps for the mapname, apparently. Truck is C-255, not locked and active.

Good luck!

Thank You so much!
I have now been told that it wont work, but i would like to try anyway!
I will report the outcome back -Fingers crossed!

@Peter_2 Your kindness did sadly not give a good result. The map cant open in spintire editor. the terrain is not build.
That stops my experiments. I have given up on 'fixing' an editor for EPIC-games mudRunner.
I could try and see if i could get steams-editor, but I cant find that anywhere.
But may thanks again 👍