Multiplayer fix/improvement?

In this new "upgraded" version of Spintires, should we expect to see a complete and fixed multiplayer/coop mode? Because in the original Spintires, there were many inconsistencies between clients on a server, e.g. Logs, broken trees, headlights, and ground deformation not being synced between players. With the original Spintires, I found the single-player aspect of the game to be faultless, but the multiplayer appeared to be incomplete, and only in the very early stages of development.

A response to this matter would be hugely appreciated.


I guarantee this won't be implemented on release. It's very hard to do, and The game devs are trying to make it easier for people with slower connections to be able to play. The way it is now pulls very little bandwidth.

Oh i see, makes sense now.

Thanks for replying by the way ^ : )

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