General feedback/suggestion about add-ons for phase 4.

The most important suggestion here I've been thinking of since Phase 3, is the addition of "Large" add-on variants originally from Paystar 5600TS to other trucks with longer frame, while I didn't address that feedback back then, now with Phase 4 I'd say it fits aswell.
The set of Long Flatbed, Long Sideboard Bed, Expanded Fuel Tank add-ons could be added to Pacific P12 and Azov 73-210, especially the first two that find new use with two 3-slot rocket cargo parts added in Phase 4, which so far only the Paystar 5600TS's add-on let alone can haul (without additional trailer). That addition may play well with the upgrade the Azov gets in Phase 4 already. The DAN 96320 could also benefit of its longer frame add-ons, yet its uniqueness requires additional model changes, which seems like an unnecessary hassle to bother.
alt text

While both flatbed and sideboard addons look and fit quite well with the said trucks, the fuel tank addition may bring some questions of the look (however several other base trucks suffer from the same issue of standard fuel tank add-on)
alt text

Seems like this small addition may improve a little those trucks in relation to Phase 4, given the small amount of work around (which is just reuse unmodified add-ons from Phase 3), I hope for consideration of it, since the ZiKZ 5368 just received similar upgrade of having now the TUZ exclusive Phase 1 add-ons.
While on the topic of "Large" variants, maybe it may be possible for the team to just spend a little time to make a longer variant of Phase 4's Short Logs Carrier for Paystar 5600TS, Pacific P12 and Azov 73-210 to carry medium logs along this same feature of CAT 745C.

ZiKZ 5368 and colorable add-ons
Since the ZiKZ received an upgrade, the Phase 1 TUZ's add-ons are not longer exclusive to that one brand, maybe they could become colorable with one- or two-color scheme (especially since in Phase 1, their main color was heavily related to default color only of both TUZs), just like the Kung add-on happened in Phase 3.

While the Actaeon mudtires are equiped, they happen to pass through front fender upon steering.alt text

The Small Maintainer Module fits well with the Metal Detector, yet the game by default doesn't allow to have then both installed, so far only with Small Sideboard Bed it is possible.alt text

In the topic of colorable add-ons, the Loadstar 1700 Phase 2 skin still is only partially done on its add-ons. alt text

Few other things
The Long Logs Rear Trailer is still missing a part connecting axle to the wheels.alt text

The Sideboard add-on of Azov 4220 Antarctic, not really a bug, but its interest was brought to me so I thought I could mention it too, as it was left unused, seems like quite a finished addition, yet all it is now, is a bit of wasted resources for mesh and texture, I hope someone just forgot once to finish it and release.alt text

Both Stages of Fuel Tank cargo have all their safe belts clipping through 3-slot sideboard bed.alt text

Both CAT CT681 and Western Star 49X when equiped with Short Logs Carrier have their liftable axle wheel to clip through the said add-on.alt text
Going through the files suggest that the CAT 745C Log Carrier supposed to carry also a Short Logs in Phase 4, yet that functionality is not in the game yet, either intentional or not.
After Phase 2 released, the CAT had ability to carry Workers Cabin, it was removed after Phase 3 release and being confirmed by Esorokin to be intentional. Whether or not it was mistake in first place, it gave the CAT a bit of unique use of having another exclusive cargo to haul (besides the base game container, which the cabin fits under container category as well), while the reason of removal wasn't given, I cannot think of any serious one to bother with removing it. So if there's no problem with having it in first place, I believe it will be welcome to add it back.

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I'm truly grateful for having Azov given the 3-slot add-ons. I believe it's quite late for any changes to the phase 4 but bugfixes at this point, yet if possible to suggest, I'd like to propose small change to P12 add-ons compatibility. It has the frame long enough to be able to fit loglift crane and small logs carrier without physically colliding with each other. This little unique trait will allow P12 to be the second next to Paystar 5600TS truck able to have both crane + carrier setup.
alt text
A similar case happens to the compatibility between the loglift crane and the metal detector which both have clearly no physical obstacles to not be together.
alt text
I'm afraid there's no really time for this, despite being a little changes to it's XML, as it would rather require to be discussed in terms of balance of this truck.

I'm agree with all of the exposed by @Nextej and also I would like to add something more to the mix, after see that the ZiKZ 5368 get the 1 slot addons I don't understand why the loadstar can have at least the one slot flatbed.I think that will open your options a lot especially in hardcore mode.


Greetings and keep it improving the game.

we need metal detector only in one map for a couple of tasks, so why not just to forget about it?

crane + logs, and all your other suggestions is great

someday maybe we will ask for separate unique addons for exsoviet and western vehicles, like it was in mudrunner)

@Stazco yeah, I was unsure if it would find any purpose, as I haven't played imandra yet to see a case of needing log crane and metal detector at the same time, yet I'm putting it here for a sake of 'why not', since there's no reason these two couldn't be used together.

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I've actually made most of these changes to my game personally and completely agree. They really should take a look at all the trucks add ons and what fits. Plenty of good combinations they could add to the game, in particular giving three slot and one slot bed options to all the trucks they fit on. In addition to what you've pointed out, the one slot loadbeds combined with small crane work great on the Royal and Tayga as they have shorter chassis than the other trucks.

Another tweak I personally like is allowing the steel looking scout wheels from the Chevy Apache to be fitted to all scouts, they really do look good on many of them. Some scouts really benefit from more powerful engine choices too, being stuck with lower end ones.

On the subject of the Azov Antarctic, the van body also looks great on it but isn't availiable for some reason. The Antarctic's modern sideboard bed is also a better fit on many modern trucks than the default sideboard bed. Especially if it was recolourable (same goes for the green Actaeon add ons, make them recolourable so they fit other trucks better).

Oh, and one more thing. The heavy duty high saddle fuel tanker trailer. Why isn't it purchasable? It works fine.

Honestly I can't see any reason for them not to do this stuff. A day of XML editing and suddenly you have a ton more possibilities for players for very little effort. A big improvement for low effort.

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