Winch points in Northern Aegis Installation only on Poles without Lights (PTS 13.9 and earlier) still in 13.12

As topic says.
In NAI are the winch points at the poles are only at the poles without a light. Poles with lights has no winchponts available:

Winch 1.jpg

Winch 2.jpg

Winch 3.jpg

Winch 4.jpg

Winch 5.jpg

Winch 6.jpg

Winch 7.jpg

Winch 8.jpg

I don't look for it at the other maps... I just noticed it here .

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Just seen in Urska River - Poles with lights have winch points:

Winch 9.jpg

@Fratzegeballer thank you for the report!
we will investigate this issue.