Double winch for multiplayer

Double winching would be nice so if u get stuck and one person cant get you out you can winch to 2 people i have already been in a lot of situations that it could be usefule and i know alot of people that feel the same

+1 I agree, having the ability to winch while another driver winches off you would prove beneficial.

I would really like this.

Agreed 100%. It is marketed as a simulator after all. Number of winches should only be limited by number of vehicles. And x2 for each vehicle. (Front and rear winches are common.)

+1 But i understand it from the devs point of view. With mutliple winches you'd be able to hook your 'jeep' to a tree and then pull a loaded truck out of the mud or water. This would in "real life" tear you car to pieces.

Perhaps winch power can be adjusted according to vehicle class.

@yo-dude that not what people want it for and obviously the comunity does want double winches wich is pretty legit... And either way when winching the big trucks the jeep couldnt pull it and i dont think 2 could even pull out a big truck... But would be nice to pull people out of rivers and big mud holes especially because the uaz's dont drive over anything

I think there is no need for double winch.
every thing else is to easy

Im doing my shit this way:
low power front - with winch you can power up the car in the back so you dont get stuck
high power back- for pushing the low powerd one if he gets stuck

small car winching fipped big one with a tree/stump/rock inbetween

Longer Winch if you not in drive would be ok.

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I agree, was playing with 2 of my friends the other night and got one truck hi centered on a stump. 3 empty fuel trucks, a detached trailer, and finally the Big 8x8 later it came loose. If we could have winched in unison. Stuck truck-----> truck-----> another truck I think we could have broke him loose alot easier. In real life wheeling situations this happens. Got a truck stuck on a long incline another truck hooks up in front an anchor Truck hooks up at top to help both inclined trucks.

+1, I feel the same way

i think theres not a need for a double winch, as to that would be over powered. but if we got a "chain" added as a attachment for different cars that would be perfect. you could have somebody chain to you, while you winch to a tree or something. that would balance it out. so you could even use multiple "chains" so you could use two jeeps to get one big rig unstuck. how does this sound?

Been there, done that. I'm all for switching my vote (even though there is no true vote) to using chains instead of two winches.
We've had to chain two Jeeps together to anchor out a K5 Blazer.

double winching would be nice and very cool feature, but i feel the same. it really is not needed and there is no real use for it. everything can be done with one winch, even more so now that the trucks have side winch points.

i think though if something like this was to be a feature it should only allow one winch to work and the second one as a static anchor would be a good balance between the two.

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I think some people here only have half a brain.

Needed? Unbalanced? Wrt is that crap? The game is labeled as a simulator. A simulator where you play with 4 friends, and any thing you do in that session only effects those 4 people, and nothing else.

Dont like double winch? Dont use it if it gets added. Its that simple. Anything else about balance and needed is idiotic and childish.

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Yep, I think the same: One winch and rest static. In MP of four players, 1st have a winch, rest have static cables. That could make happy everybody...

Watch your language please...

What do you mean static cable... I just want to be able to winch 2 trucks together to pull a different one out... On multiplayer with my friend's

@mudrunnerr50 to each their own fella. i do like the idea, but just do not feel it is truly needed is all. one winch can do what is needed in the game which is to winch out another truck or winch out the truck you are driving. unless someone is using a ridiculously heavy mod vehicle only one winch is really needed. people want things added to the game, if it happens then it happens if not then it not. these are all just opinions, which you have given yours as well.

@na-shledanou static cable or anchor line, you basicly tie yourself on one end to a tree with a fixed cable (non-winching) and winch to a stuck vehicle. this allows you to winch vehicles towards you without the worry of having the stuck vehicle pull you towards it since you are tied to a non-moving anchor point.

@8up-local can you read? Nope. It doesn't matter if you think its needed or not. And for your pea brained info, had a situation the other day on console, so no heavy mods that youre getting off on, and two vehicles pulling would have been great.

Its labled a SIMULATOR, remember? No? Well, it is. In case you didn't know. And that's the only thing that should matter for this point.

Again, you get in a session with three other people. Any thing you do in that session doesnt effect anyome else what so ever.

If you cant understand that, god help you.

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