"Simulation Quality [CPU]" setting - what does it do?

The Settings menu has a Simulation Quality [CPU] slider with 3 levels (left, center, right). Does anyone know what exactly it does?

I have observed that the lowest setting will eliminate the mud blobs on the tires, while the center and right settings retain them.

The truck also feels more nimble on the lower setting.

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My guess is this is an option dealing with the way the mud gets rendered.

@pavel said in The Mud of MudRunner:

That slider doesn't affect the mud other than that.

Slider position "1":

  • enable everything

Slider position "0.5":

  • disable xray fluids
  • disable all types of terrain decals
  • disable models vertex decals
  • disable particles collisions

Slider position "0":

  • disable "mud chunks"
  • disable "sub particles"
  • disable "spires" and "fireflies" particles flying around levels
  • disable xray engine

I guess I need to copy those two disable xrays into number one and I'm ready to rock XD

An advanced menu for all those options individually would be neat.