Excellent Game - Thanks

I love Spintires, and Mud*Runner is an improvement, if incremental. The old maps have been made more balanced. The challenge / tutorials are a good idea. I rarely use interior view, but it is well done. The driver is also well done. I like the new vehicles.

Great game, keep up the good work!

Yes, I agree. Just wanted to say I'm enjoying the refinement of the controls for the consoles, especially the new crane camera, it's so nice now to operate the crane and not feel the need to reach for the mouse, I can completely play the game with a controller, very nice. Enjoying hardcore mode very much, nice to see some adjustments to some of the trucks, some I think we're too strong, I mean what's the point if certain trucks could plow through anything, there was no fear, now you have to strategize, and have rescue vehicals on standby. Can't wait for DLC on consoles, certainly willing to pay for some map packs, I want this game to last a long time. Also still holding out hope for a Nintendo switch version too!!!

Community Manager

Thanks for the kind words 🙂 We're still working hard on bug fix updates, as well as new features suggested by the community.

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