Slow gear shitfting in automatic

Its pretty annoying when you go in automatic mode and it tries to switch gears, then lose speed due to taking a lot of time to switch gears, then go back to the previous gear because it lost speed switching gears... And so on until going into gear 1.

I ask if you can make the automatic switching gears much faster so that the trucks dont lose that much speed.

Its an auto matic 5 ton plus vehicle in the mud, its not going to be that fast or responsive.

Drive in 1+ gear in the mud, its more effective then driving automatic shifting between 1. and 2. gear.

I know that but it turns out that 1+ takes a ton of fuel. Also there is not always either mud or not mud, there is also the typical road with ocasional small mud but if you go in automatic there the truck will go from 5 to 1. It will first try to switch to 4 and it would be enough, but since it stopped so much for switching, now it needs to go to 3...

I myself simply go from 5 to 1+, then to 5 again, but its a bit annoying.

I aint saying that this is super important, but its there and if there are some spare time just reduce a bit the switch gear time and thats... In fact, i think its a variable somewhere that only requires a number change.

Manual transmission is needed.That's all!

@thombuggy said in Slow gear shitfting in automatic:

             or you have a well graded automatic 


Thombuggy!! I'm using the GOMINU on the blog right now and I gotta say, it's quite amazing how it shifts. It doesn't stall at all. What a great job you did on it. Thank you very much. This is my favorite mod right now.

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