Is this cheating? -.-

Loaded a truck with 12 logs, without packing them. The truck was like if it wasnt carrying any load so it was very easy to drive. In one mill I unloaded 9, packed, delivered, loaded 3 more, packed delieverd. Loaded the 6 in the floor and did the same in the second lumber mill...

I feel a bit bad about this but I think that if logs were bigger and say you could only load 6 (2 deliveries) without packing it, and that the logs actually weighted, then it could be a nice alternative, since I needed to drive more carefully to not spill them.

Note: I tried to cross a blockade with the logs unpacked but it didnt let me. Pavel is too smart XD

na, only cheating would be cheating yourself out of the usual challenge. sometimes moving unloaded logs can be harder than loaded depending on the terrain mostly.

i wonder if you can keep blockade open with lada, then come in big truck behind. probably not ;P

@clarionhorn I tested a couple of things.

Firstly I wrote some time ago you cannot cross blockade even with unloaded truck.

What is more I tried to put the cistern tanker to block the barrier. The barrier remained open until I came close. the barrier closed on the truck. The barrier went thru the middle of the tanker not doing it any damage.

I also noticed the barrier animation is just an animation being played for you. It's an illusion, a kind of matrix 😛 My friends truck went thru closed barried, it only opened when I was near. so probably what block it is some invisible wall

I have 3 things to test though:

  • if you park close with loaded truck will it allow you to pass with empty one, my guess is yes

  • can you move wood over the blockade to the other side - this way one truck could deliver logs and load other truck parked behind - to avoid that in the future (if it is possible), there should be two barriers making a zone long enough as to prevent it [;

  • hit the barrier on full speed to see the effect

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@mistahk76 said in Is this cheating? -.-:

  • hit the barrier on full speed to see the effect

It just do sudden stop with no damage whatsoever.

Also, barrier affects the "loader-only" K700 with lumber in it's grabber.

Well, as for me "static" checkpoints are just limiters, that easily avoided if not for some choke points where they stay. I would be more interesting if those barriers were in pre-defined random spawns - that would even more enforcing to scout than drive them around blindfolded.


You are right hitting it stops vehicle. I am just writing a thread analyzing block post behavior after a morning test session [;

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@mistahk76 BTW, we actually could do test with log tossing over barrier.

I tested the blockade a bit. If you tow a lumber truck with a truck with no lumber, the winch will break and the lumber truck will stop at the blockade.

Then I tried to push the truck from behind, without attaching any winch, just pushing but the blockade wont let it pass.

I think that the behavior is that if a log is marked as "green" (ready to pack) in a truck, then the blockade will activate.

Another thing I could try is to pass the logs from one side to the other with the crane, but its almost too much work XD

I think that the behavior is that if a log is marked as "green" (ready to pack) in a truck, then the blockade will activate.

No, it does not work this way, it detects if truck has any physical contact with the log.

I posted a thread about it here:

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I don't think this is cheating at all, just a clever solution!

Already tried the logs in the K-700 and tried to pass them over the block post... it did not fare well for the driver.

It seems that is as "easy" as throwing them with the crane, or as other user mentioned in another post, move them above the concrete fence in the sides with the crane.

Here a vid of the first case, throwing:
Youtube Video

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