K700 controls suggestion

K700 is a huge pain to control and it doesnt help that you have to switch constantly between driving and the loader. My suggestion is that when you enter in loader mode, the truck is still derivable but with controls reversed, so you can drive it backwards as if you drove it normally. You could control the wheels turning with the left stick as normal, and put the loader controls in the right stick.

I think that is part of the challenge, in driving it backwards. It just takes some practice. I think a better solution would be to put a front loader on it for newer users who don't want to drive it backwards.

It would be nice to be able to control the loader outside of advanced mode though.

While I've got hang of it's contorls in curent state, I'd rather vote for a bit redefining controls, making it more familiar with "arm crane" controls and add moving sideways via steering tractor itself. That would make it easier to use for less experienced players.

Example (keyboard): A/D - grabber left/right done via steering tractor itself.
Q/E - lift grabber up/down (like moving crane up and down)
R/T - rotate grabber's fork up/down.
4 - toggle open/close pincer.

And a bit work on camera (for loaders in general) - while camera is fixed to certain point a little pan would not hurt, basically it's sticking "cockpit" camera to "loader's" seat (with same switch over "cursor/camera move"). It would greatly help to see trucks approaching for load and better control over loading long logs, especially for square screen users (like me, 5:4 and such).
As for tractor's camera for loading, i'd prefer to place it over rear axle.

@Araxp I can feel your pain ^^ have you ever driven a fork lift?

  1. get in a 90 degree position to the logs (i think thats most importante)
  2. click up to 3 logs
  3. your choice now grab from below or above

To turn the head fully to position your selfe would be great or like i allways say working mirrors.

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