Show your ride!

So why not, since we all enjoy the trucks and such why not show everyone what you ride?

I've got 2 cars. 1st My mom bought this lifted Suzuki Vitara back in '00 and to make a very long story short many years later when it had some problems I kind of just stole it and she bought a lifted Grand Vitara.
I fixed my Vitara and drove it for a year or two before the engine died, I put a 1984 Volvo B23E engine in it
Basicly what it looks like today alt text

Now about 3 months ago I got tired of the Grand Vitara that I use to have and sold it and decided I would buy something I've always wanted, an XJ!
Bought the last 1987 Limited XJ in Iceland and do not regret it! the interior is almost perfect, little rust except front fenders and sils(but I got new ones) It's got a D44 in the back with leafs+springs and D30 in front. with 4.56 gearing and NP231.
It needs quite some work but it's a Jeep, it'll keep going for ages.
alt text
alt text

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Nice scenery,
No actual car for me atm. I do like to get some friends together and take the RC 4x4's out. AXIAL FTW

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Haha, what kind of engine does your Jeep has?

Does this count in?

@sodoma Arborist or forester?

Also nice Stihl, awesome saw.

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Neither of those, just a bit of training before game release 🙂
Yeah, pretty historical piece of machinery, but runs like a hell!

Ahh I see, currently training to be an arborist myself.

We use Stihls and Huskys but I prefer the simplicity of Stihls. They seem to last forever.

This one runs already for 30 years or something - give it good maintenance and it will live longer than you 😉
But we are a bit OT here...

@lorindes In-line six 4.0liter Renix era.
So it's not the High Output, the HO has more high range torque and around 190hp while the Renix has more low range torque and 176hp.

It's 30 years old driven around 250k and the engine is 27 years old driven around 380k and got many more K's to go

for work 94 F350 PS TD. the thing is a rolling garage, but extra duties include, hauling atv's, race cars, scrap and small heavy equipment (back hoe, bob cat, etc.) lol engine is just getting broken in at 600k on the clock and is the old school type diesel so it can burn about anything. as long as it is clean you can just dump it in the tank and go. even sold it once, but bought it back because it is such a good one.

alt text

for play 91 Ranger 3.0, i like the little trucks, but this thing is a dog. it can still haul some of my toys though so i can live with it.
alt text

RIP my old play truck for "spirited" driving, 84 Ranger 2.8. had much fun in this truck, but i sold it years ago and have not stopped kicking myself since. the inspiration for it was the old MkII escort rally cars.
alt text

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You are driving with this all days at work and THEN you'll come back home and play mudruner... Are you sane? 😃

@sodoma I do many things. And now when is winter I actually miss the logging 🙂 And we don't work in that much mud. Mostly...
Another of my vehicles in video. This one is actually remote controlled if needed
Youtube Video

RC thing of this size...
How good boy I have to be to get one? 😃
But seriously - I like your job!

alt text

After seeing moded cars with load on top I decided that my old renault 4 is also worth posting here. With good ground clearance and thin wheels it really was a semi off road wehicle 😃

I'm driving just a Suzuki Swift. Nothing fancy or off road but I have my video games for that. 😜

alt text

I've got my daily driver, a 2 door 2012 Jeep JK. With the complementary cylinder head replacement from the dealership. I put in 4.56 gears, Detroit TrueTracs front and rear. Centerforce clutch and flywheel, Bilstein shocks, a cheapo Rough Country lift kit(that was already on it when I bought it), and a cheapo winch(that I love). It's ready for a new front drive shaft, and some 17" rims that are tucked in a little more for better handling, with some radial 35s or 37s.
alt text
Then I've got my baby! 91 GMC Jimmy, started with a 350 700r4 and stock suspension. It's got a new 350, Carburetor swap, Sm465 swap with 32 spline swap, stock nv241 with 32 spline input swap and SYE, 3.73 gears, front axle is full spool, rear is open, EBC brakes up front, rear brakes rebuilt, new calipers, new brake booster, PSC steering box, U-joint steering shaft, new power steering pump and lines, rear drive shaft is a 1310/3r from Rough Country that is meant to be a front driveshaft for a Jeep JK, and about a million other little things I've modded that I can't remember.
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alt text

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@dr-station said in Show your ride!:

alt text

After seeing moded cars with load on top I decided that my old renault 4 is also worth posting here. With good ground clearance and thin wheels it really was a semi off road wehicle 😃

cool little rig, i am digging it. one question, what are the two grab bars on the front exactly? you pulling it out of the mud by hand or are they some sort of brush guard/light protection? lol

@8up-local Lol anything that is not a chassis can almost be torn off with a hand. Easy to push if needed though 😉