Ideas for new/more gameplay

Had some new gameplay/update ideas I like to share.

  1. a winter setting for this decemember. Have it snowing, ground with snow on, water that is frozen. Snow settle on trees plus have some snowman placed around map.

  2. continuing from first a dynamic weather system. Some weather can change throughtout game with rail, hail, snow, must and so on.

  3. more usage from wood. After delivering logs to mill it could make planks and firewood. Planks then could be delivered to say a building site and firewood to houses.

  4. more materials. Add a iron and stone quarry. Which could either delivery to construction site or another mill to make stone bricks, nails and iron gilders.

  5. random missions. You be giving a job over a radio ( which show rough area on map) which will inculding either repairing/fuelling a civ vehicle or tow to a garage. More jobs like pulling a car that's suck in mud out and delivery if firewood to a number of houses. (Would need more houses added too)

  6. more vehicle add ons. Ice, snow and chain tires to go with first idea. A 360degree spotlight that you control for thoses dark nights.

That's all I can think of for now. What's you guys think. Hope devs see this or if can be passed on.

A ps4 gamer here, so hope so e if not all could come to consoles

Or fill a holes in the maps first.Just in-order to get closer to objective.Do a job before a job itself!

Im a PS4 gamer too ... I like numbers 3 4 & 5 from your list there really kool ideas...when u have some time check out my HOLIDAY WISHES topic some others have posted good ideas there.👍✌