Coop Issues 2018-08-30


great performance improvement. Thank you very much.
However - bots in Coop got way to easy. Also molotov is killing myself too easy when throwing in a nearer area (like 5 meters already) when detonating caches.

Otherwise really happy. Glad I can play the game again ❤

Yep, Coop is no challenge anymore. I remember my first win in Alpha - after like five games. That was great! Now it's like going from one victory to the next. These bots need some serious tweaks (not grenade launchers, of course), otherwise it'll feel like a very cheap. On Summit i just ran past six bots sitting on top of each other after we destroyed a weapon cache. They obviously just spawned and had no time to move, or didn't move (and i moved too fast) that much at all.

The only challenges previously faced were M203 related random death events, death by frame drops and death through TK's because the friendly markers could be a lot better.

The AI is going to need one hell of a buff when they sort the other two issues out.

Other issue: The random items we are receiving for level ups aren't showing up in kit selection screens. Or do I do anything wrong?