Ultra-Wide resolution Messes up Scope-overlay scaling.


It gets all small in the middle, and the outer part gets huge when I use 32:9 resolution. The game itself scales nicely, just the scopes seem to be an issue.

Actually, it looks like the central-black circle is the same size in both, it's just the scope overlay itself that gets way too big in relation.

I get the same thing with a triple screen and 5760x1200 - renders anything but the standard 1x scopes, useless.

I use 3440x1440 and don't have any issuem

@dafez Good to know. looks like just wider aspects than 21:9 has this issue then.

More testing shows it only looks proper at 1920x1080. The wider I go, the larger the scope overlay gets and the more zoomed in my 3D weapon-model gets.

I'd suggest scaling the weapon and scopes based on the vertical resolution and not the horizontal. That would fix this.