Client Side Reloads???

Here is what happens to me more often than not while playing. Not sure if its a client side issue or the fact that i press my control buttons so fast that the server cant keep up, Either way its crippling my games. "happens roughly %50 of the time with primary weapon only" I also have a keyboard with N-key roll over, so it shouldnt be that.

First half of the clip is a friends point of view, Second half of the clip is my point of view.

Youtube Video

I have a good stable ping of 40 and never have dropouts, If this is a client side reload issue or server side, Please address this fast please....Its crippling AF!

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Its not only you, I also posted about this, and my friend was having this happen as well. I believe its a packet miscommunication or complete packet loss when transmitting to the server.

this happens to me a fair bit aswell

This happens to me also

So im only guessing but i think the problem lies with changing the default key binds... I play with the numpad and my reload key is the DEL/Decimal key, I already have had to use a key editing program for my forward, backwards an interact keys but even changing them to think they are wasd default keys, Still it gives me this issues. Please let me use all of the numpad to set up my config without the use of key editing programs, Its just causing conflicts on reloads. Ive used these controls my whole life an this game is the only 1 that causes me this problem to such an extent that playing it is out of the question due to the reload bug i get "ALL THE TIME!!!" PLEASE HELP!!!

Went and tried default wasd keys and got the same problem, Seems like the issue is pushing to many keys at once or pushing keys to fast for the server to register. I am of higher skill than most players out there. With quick fingers and reflexes, Having this happen with a keyboard which has N-key roll over is crippling AF for high skill plays.... Having to reload twice most times because your game can't keep up with me is simple a joke and needs to be looked into for serious players to compete without frustration.

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I get the feeling this only happens to new players who tap "sprint" when their reload is almost done (which cancels the reload)

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