Disable some information in the leaderboard in COOP


I get what you are saying I just don't think it has to get in the way of having a fun gaming experience. I have played with rushers, I just let them get on with it, sometimes I can keep up with the faster pace, sometimes not, either way there is still plenty of fun to be had working to the obj and I end up arriving half way into the capture. Sometimes the extra kills you get puts your points ahead of the rushers which does kinda make me chuckle. Yes it is better when there are no rushers on the team and in plenty of games there aren't. Some games are faster paced than others. If there are loads of rushers and the pace is just too fast then I just leave and find another game but I find that the exception rather than the rule.

As you say insurgency is never going to be squad, insurgency coop is the most casual of casual game modes where you just jump in, have fun, hopefully get some teamwork (not usually much mind) and get a nice score along the way. Especially if you're not in the mood for a more sweaty pvp game.

If the points were tweaked so that rushing to get points did not make big prizes then you would get much less rushing. I think it would get pretty dry for a lot of people if there was no points except team points which nobody is going to care about anyway because of the casual nature. People enjoy competition and I don't think that is going to change any time soon, even as you say it is only competition against other team mates. But even in pvp people care about whether they are winning as a team and getting good kill streaks to get closer to the top of the team score while still factoring in teamwork enjoyment, what is happening on the opposing team's score board is much less important, so therefore by extension playing against bots does not really change that dynamic a great deal. After all it is by definition a 'game'.

@gprologitech Totally agree that rushers ruin the experience.
I see guys skulking off to the next point before the defense is even over and
I look at the map and see only two of us on point and
others halfway to the next cap point,
2 minutes defense to go so I use the "I need backup" call out.

They either don't want to lose the ground they have covered or if the timer is lower don't have time to come back to defend even if they wanted to or
just don't care either way and if the 2 people playing the objective die then we lose the whole round.

I try not to let it bother me but I end up:
1/ getting shot trying to rush up to catch-up or
2/ eventually not being able to reload before the rushers blow up the next point and the resup closes or
3/ get hit with the enemies mortars before I can get inside to the next cap point when I start catching up or
4/ when the next point is a cache it gets blown before I even get close and find myself in a running sim.

None of those scenarios are enjoyable so at that point I either quit or just go full retard and start rushing myself to show them how lame it is.

Either way it's not good for the game or any potential new players.

I always feel sorry for the new players when rushers are playing because they just don't get to experience the game properly at all.

The problem with the thread is that it assumes that removing the leaderboard will fix this but that's not my experience at all even in servers that have removed the K:D from the game.

Even the main proponent of this thread has said that removing the leaderboard is not going to stop the hardcore points whores so why is he actually fighting so had for it?

I really think removing scores will do more harm than good to the game because of all the players that are used to seeing their scores in this and every other FPS game they play.

Rewarding teamplay should fix everything surrounding this problem while not alienating all the players that like to have some metric of their gamplay to look at.

I have seen other servers force teamplay by changing the gameplay so I know that method works.

All good points (pardon the pun!)

Another situation which I don't think has been mentioned is that people often go out of the objective during the defend stage so they are not just sitting in a corner staring at a door, left clicking and it can be more fun to do a bit of dangerous ducking and diving outside the objective but close enough to run back if things start to go pear shaped and the obj icon starts flashing and I too have been guilty of doing this (probably need to apologise to somebody!) as team mates who are already out there have stemmed the flow to such an extent that I poke my head out and wonder where all the action is at! But then once out there and defend stage is finished you are left with a quandary, you still have your moly and you are OK for ammo so what else is there to do but move on to the next objective, possibly appearing to the guys still in the objective that you too are indeed a rusher. Even though I am just moving cautiously forward with the other more forward team mates. This behavior is not nesessarily about score and there may be good teamwork covering each other. Getting rid of points is never going to solve that one.


you forgot one other point.

5/ when the rest of the team is trying to catch up to rusher who blew a cache and the enemies spawn right by your teammates for the next wave after the cache is gone and kill you and your teammates who were caught out in the open trying to catch up to the rushers. It might fall under the first but its more of a combination of 1 and 4, Furthermore this one happens to me more often than not and usually results in me being dead after every cache.