Matchmaking is bad

I understand that there aren't too many players, but its still atrocious. One team can consist of completely new guys and the other can have veterans. Its a completely one sided battle and the outcome of the match is pretty much already determined.

IMO this was also a problem in the previous game, but the effect was less obvious as it ran similarly to other source engine games, hence more people would have been accustomed to how things work.

Servers (or matchmaking system) need to auto-balance teams according to player stats and number of players/ team.

If you hit - on your numpad, you can access the dev menu. You'll see, under AI, that the difficulty can be selected on a slider scale of 0 to 1, in .1 increments.

Based on that, what i feel would be an easy solution to this problem, would be to average out the rank of every player involved, on a scale of 1 to 100, then place the AI difficulty accordingly. If the team rank average is say, 43, AI difficulty is set to .4. If team rank avg is 67, AI gets set to .7....and so forth. Any ranks above 100 would be categorized as a 100, for the sake of letting players continue to rank and unlock customizations, while simultaneously working within the parameters of this new system.

This may be a current problem with low playercount. When vet guys join as a lobby they get assigned to the same team and it looks like its unfair teams.

@lordsiggi sorry i didn't make it clear, I was referring to PvP gamemodes, not Coop/ PvE or bots in general. Though, that is very useful info, thank you.