Full magazine load at spawn sucks

As I mentioned elsewhere, 3/4th of the team respawned next to suicide bomber. I watched him, helplessly while fumbling with my gun load animation as he blew us all...
Either make us invincible (meh) or remove that needless animation or cause the enemies to flee spawn points. At least give us a fighting chance.

This happens elsewhere as well. I have cleared a path, ran along that path, only to be shot in the back by a bot that spawned right where I just ran no more than 3 steps previously.

Been in a room "defending", cleared the room and took up defence in a corner, sweeping the room to check entrances, look away for a second only to be shot by a bot that appeared from no-where.

Sure it could be lag (often I put up with 600+ ping) but even happens with a decent connection.