Harsher penalties for team killing

Over the past two days, I have been getting TKed MULTIPLE TIMES in every. Single. Match. It is beyond a joke at this point. I'm sick of it. It's ruining the game for me. If it doesn't stop, I'm about ready to just give up and uninstall.

We need harsher penalties to discourage team killing. Right now, if people know how to manipulate the system, they can TK as much as they want without consequence. Apply an XP penalty for people who TK. Give them a matchmaking ban. I don't care, just do something. Force people to learn some effing trigger discipline, please. Losing matches to people who TK, whether it's deliberate or by accident, isn't fun.

Last match, I got TKed while holding a molotov, which erupted the ground around my dead body in flames, causing a chain reaction that killed several other teammates...

@quadsword yea a 3 strike kick isn't enough as people just rejoin, 3 tks in a match or a votekick (please add votekick) should "ban" the player from that specific match at least until its completion.

I've said it before I'll say it again. Simply implement damage reflection after the first TK, so that anyone doing team damage recieves 100% of the damage they deal. If they get a 2nd TK it will mean they die too. You'll get a lot less trolling TKers if they don't get to live after TKing a friendly.

Increase that damage to 300% after 2 TKs so that they might die FIRST if attempting to kill any teammate again.

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@amurka but accidental tks are a thing that will happen. Punishment after the first tk is dumb imo. At least 2 tks should be free given the nature of the game.

@thehappybub Well, until they actually start counting TKs properly I think after the first is necessary. TKs are rare (unless you're doing something wrong) I haven't had a TK since I was level 40.

The most common TK is some dumb teammate walking in front of your gun while firing and taking one to the back of the head.

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@amurka said in Harsher penalties for team killing:

some dumb teammate walking in front of your gun while firing

Happens all the time. Also I've accidentally tked teammates who rushed really far with fire support. 1 tk is too little.

Support TKs should have a separate counter. Teammates can see the call in smoke, so if they die to support it's on them.

@amurka said in Harsher penalties for team killing:

Support TKs should have a separate counter.

Good suggestion. Totally agree.

Still, 1 tk is too little just because after the first time someone walks in front of my fire it shouldn't be my fault.

@thehappybub Well. After the first tk, it only THEN implements a 100% damage-feedback on any further TKs, so unless you hit another teammate you'll never even notice?

@amurka except the dumbass who just ran in front of me will now start seeking me out to cheese me into killing myself. Tk trolls will learn the mechanic and start forcing all their teammates into suicide. Then we just created an invincible troll.

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