Dialogue getting players killed when hiding on points from the enemy/please change this system of comms

Insurgent and Security forces dialogue is killing players when hiding on point from the enemy team by giving away said position because your character with a loud voice says something along the lines of, "The enemy has entered onto A". I've met multiple demises from this problem as well as my friends. We think that in a real combat scenario, if an enemy did enter a point, you would not say that fact if you were on the same point, you would remain quiet as to not give away your position. We would like to see this changed to where only people off of said point would announce this to their team or that HQ for either side would be the one to relay that info to the team such as in insurgency source. Thank you for reading this and if you agree please give this an up vote so we can get it changed.

Insurgency source had the same issue but it was with the screaming after getting suppressed and door covers they would purposefully abuse the mechanic to find players. I actually used it in Sandstorm when a person was hiding behind a wall. I feel like they can fix that issue with when the character is trying to interact with teammates and make it teammates only, as well keep the screaming for overall atmosphere when shooting people.

The enemy doesn’t hear automatic voice lines related to objective status. The voice lines that enemies do hear are:
Death Screams
Reaction to suppression
Breaching (and maybe reloading?)
Radial Command selections (voice lines you manually select to play)