My thoughts on modding

Personally I believe e mods should come to console, but not so we can drive fact modded vehicles around. I gave it a shot a few years ago, coding is impossible for me. I can't wrap my head around it, even after two years of classes I could hardly do simple code. To see what people in the community do, it's amazing and they deserve to be seen. For their work to be shown. Just like Pavel. Creating spintires couldn't have been easy. Like notch. Minecraft was very difficult for him. For most in programming they go unseen and it's honestly a shame. Especially when they have amazing talent. Pc mods help spread them around, but what about the ones that don't do PC mods? They should have the chance to show their work, their commitment to the world as well shouldn't They? I doubt I'll sway anyone's decision on moding for consoles. I just wanted to say something I've thought about for a while now. And please, pc plays we know you have mods, I'm just speaking for those who don't or can't afford a good PC, like me who's barely scraping by on bills. Life is harder for some then others you know.

Just to be clear there's a big difference between coding and modding. Modding at least in this game involves modifying xml files which are like text files and at most using some modeling software to create new truck models, or using the map editor to create new maps. But opening up consoles to mods would certainly require coding from the devs, and I'm guessing it's not trivial which is why they haven't done it for consoles. This is another reason I prefer PC's over consoles and I don't even have a console. But maybe if enough of you speak up it could happen, probably not this game but maybe MR2.

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@kingnightshadow we all believe mods should come to console, question is how do we do it?

devs found answer, with DLC

agreed with @Unster u dont need to know coding u just make 3d model, bring into mudrunner editor and copy and paste all the details from either stock trucks or mod ones, then just test handling, torque, etc. and change 'em based on ur preference

it honestly isnt as hard.

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