Request: Free Look.

Any chance we can get free look (moving the head without moving the gun)? I'm not sure how it works, how it will affect the gameplay or demand on the GPU/CPU and all, but it is something I really miss from ARMA III.

Also I would love to be able too see my sweet camo. 😛

Devs already said this is not happening on Sandstorm, sorry.

@facknrite you just broke my heart. Hahaha.

@rover Sorry bud, but i guess it is what it is

@facknrite said in Request: Free Look.:

Devs already said this is not happening on Sandstorm, sorry.

I don't understand it tho. As I said in another post: Basically, there is no disadvantage in having it in the game. Some people may not like it, but are free not to use it.
Obiviously, some people, including myself, would like and appreciate it.
It's not that hard to implement, is it?
I hope the devs overthink their decision.
People might have to express their demand for it more clearly - so give the proposal a "thumbs up"

It would add to the immersion and realism of the game.

When / where did the devs say it wouldn't happen?

There's nothing to free look down at. I went into the unreal engine to take this pic so that it can hopefully clear up why they arent going to implement it. I'd like the feature, and i know games like WW3 have it implemented and based on the same engine, but....idk. I imagine that'd have to change the loading of characters from client side to server side? I'm still learning.