This is probably the most useful type of voice call*. Just now I mis-threw a grenade and tried to warn a friendly by shooting at it since I had no headset on. If there was a "GRENADE!!!" voice call* he'd live. It would probably be the most used voice call* of all, especially now that AI uses them very competently.

If you have the sound file or can get a hold of those great voice actors, do it!

*By "voice call" I mean an intentional radial-menu action.

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Since this game is more about realism, I guess it'd be a better feature if it wasn't automatic, but the player triggered it with the comms. For example in the circular voice menu, the middle part would change into this grenade warning and your character would shout grenade if you pressed the button.

Yeah, that's precisely what I mean by "voice call". I'll clarify OP.