November Patch took my camo away!


I have been playing Insurgency: Sandstorm since the closed beta and and leveled up to around 18 or so I don't quite remember and I purchased a few apparel items. Then after the open beta launched It reset me to rank 1 and a lot of other players I think that was meant to be. Anyways I level up into the 20's and bought more apparel for instance the POLYPAT camo which costed around 1500 if I remember correctly. I recently got back on a few days ago since before the November patch to see that my POLYPAT camo was taken away from me and is now locked again and cost 500. How can I get it back, can support give it back to me!?

It will all be reset on release anyway. I've heard we'll get some points to spend for participating in the beta.

@rheden @pakislav Yup. You'll get 50% of all of the credits you earned throughout your playtime on the Beta.