Precinct frame drops.

In 11 deaths, 8 had a framedrop down to 1FPS - 3FPS.

Please don't release the game like this.

what are your pc specs then? lol

GTX 970
i5 4690K @ 3.5GHz
W7 Ultimate

im pritty sure you need 16 ram in most of the games 1 old grapics card.
my game runs fine only summit has some issues but never under 30
so to tell them dont release the game in this state... its kinda your pc not the game

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Really? Then why isn't the game using the 8GB I have?

bc its i guess not enough? lol i still think its a combo not enough ram and a bad grapics card

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Well thank you for your incredible insight into this subject. Clearly the reason I'm having woes with one specific map, the same woes had prior to the optimisation of the other maps (which for the most part is now resolved), is because my computer isn't up to spec. The reality that the game isn't even utilising all my RAM is of course a mere technicality and the GTX 970 is just unsuitable to play this one specific map. Gotcha.

I'll go buy a new PC so I can play this map throughout next week without lag, waiting for it to be optimised to run on reasonable hardware would be unreasonable.

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I have found this map worse from the Security side

@Whitby is this what you found?


Yes, absolutely. It's barely playable on Insurgent but it's unplayable on Security.