Lights Position and movement

Hi since a few weeks i decided to start to do some moding and learn how things interact with each other(beginner here😁 ) and encoutered some bugs one of them is the following:
While the truck is in movement light marker are a few centimer away i have to say i raised the suspension of the truck i tried to change a bit the axis of rotation,but nothing helped just had a nice experience sending my truck flying in the air^^

Also what is the maximum size when we want to upload a photo in the forum?(it allways fail for me at 60%)

I'm not sure if I understand your issue, but I think this might help; If the light flares move independently from the truck, the 'Parent Frame' of the flare is not set correctly.

I have found in the past that even when the parent frame is correct the flares don't always behave how they are supposed to, which normally suggests an issue with the model and how it was set up initially for the game.

@kingpinn Thank you for your answer i stil use most of the default xml for that truck and that part is intact so parent frame should work, like you said it s probably something from the original model.

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