for real....thats all?

i got the beta the moment i was able to........ and now all i get is a shitty tatto that i can barly see???? i love the game. the gamplay is super fun. but i should get be getting more for getting the beta.

Additionally you got half of the earned tokens during beta.
Thats fair enough !

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You got to play the beta.

Honestly NWI shouldn’t have even given beta players a reward if they’re going to play the game for fun (perfectly fine), not give any feedback (also fine), and then complain about not being rewarded enough for playing the beta.

And yes, literally all this guy has used his forum account for us to complain that he didn’t get enough reward for playing the game.

by paying for the beta you got to play the game before it officially released, is that not good enough for you? you're not entitled to anything.