request for attachment fix.

i noticed that some vehicle which only had repair attachments now also have fuel to go with the repair. since the Spare Wheel attachment for the 375, 4320, 4310, 255 and 256 only has repair, but yet the attachment has an extra fuel tank with it. can we get fuel to go with that repair attachment (spare wheel) as well? the tank is small so i am thinking maybe 80-100L for it.

anyone else care to give a opinion on this? it is but a little thing compared to some of the things people are wanting and there is the whole "keeping things balanced", but it would be easy enough to update this and just makes sense to me.

@marck cool thanks, but still though i feel this should have been like this from the start in the stock game.

+1, ive seen announcements for DLC, but nothing about fixes or map support in workshop...get it together guys..

@wrenchinmonkey Hi there,

We've said a couple of times that we're still working on map support in the workshop, it will be coming in a future update.

so i guess we shall just keep editing our files or uploading the workshop mods for this feature. all that is needed is the "FuelCapacity="XX" line added to the XML. so really the only thing holding this back would be to code in the fuel X-ray part of the spare wheel if this was to get an official fix.

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