Chrome on Trucks?

Ive tried to make chrome that is silver and has some black hints in it by making the specular map black, but nothing happens. My diffuse map will be white ish grey and then my spec map will be completely black and still nothing happens (it only looks like the diffuse map)

Any help?


Well for starters if your spec is black you will have zero shine on the texture you are trying to make look like chrome. The darker your spec the less shine it will have.
Secondly this game doesn't do chrome! If you make your diffused map a little darker than you think it should be you will get the best results.
A lot of people think they should make the diffused map white so it looks like chrome and it doesn't work at all, It just looks white. In real life chrome is not white... it is a mirror.

Hmmmmmmmmm... thanks risky!