Three suggestions for improving the competitive experience


I wanted to collect three improvements I'd personally like to see for the competitive mode into one post. These are just my own ideas and I think that the competitive experience is not too bad as is. Regardless, here goes:

1. Minimum level for entering the competitive mode. All too often completely clueless level 0-5 players pop in, walk around the map aimlessly, then leave before finishing the whole BO8. I'd suggest the minimum level to be 10, though even 5 would be a clear improvement in my opinion. Additionally, there should be a warning displayed against leaving when the player is about to exit before the match has been finished.

2. Leaver penalties and disclaimers against leaving. Leaving is a moderately common problem in the competitive mode. At the moment it seems that there are no particular penalties against it (at least none I was aware of). I suggest that leaving would lead to progressively increasing penalties in the form of suspension from the competitive mode. For example, leaving once in a week might be 30 hour suspension, leaving twice 2 hours, so on.

3. Improvements to how balance between the two teams is done. I understand that making games perfectly balanced with such a limited player pool is not possible. However I do feel that once a game has been formed, better job could be done in balancing the two teams. Far too often I end up in a team with all lvl 30+s with several level 0-10s in the opponent team and we end up stomping them 5-0. Here's an example of such an occurrence from day: alt text

In that game, we totally dominated. It would have felt fairer if we had had some of the newbies from the other team. Far as I could tell from the chat, they weren't grouping either, so couldn't have been that.

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Hey @tzaeru thank you for the suggestions and feedbacks concerning competitive mode. I will forward all of them to the team.
Have a great day !

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We should also be able to see peoples rank on the scoreboard.

Two more things that are much needed along with the four already mentioned imo would be rebalancing the classes and ending in a tie.

  1. Move the dmrs to sharpshooter and reduce flanker to one available alot. Too many long range ohk weapons available. I think the guns themselves are fine the way they are but need to be limited.

  2. Make it first to five no matter what. Well unless one round is a draw. And I wouldn't be opposed to first to seven or more. Queue times are very long and it feel like the games are very short in comparison. So longer games to counter the long queue times seems like a fair trade.

Just my two cents.