Performance and issues

I've been playing the game since the BETA, and noticed a few graphical glitches and low FPS. At the time, I didn't mind since the game was in a fairly early stage of development. But nowadays, it's unbearable.

Some of the issues include, but aren't limited to:

  • Low FPS
  • Missing character, weapons and sounds in the beggining of a match.
  • Annoying stuttering when looking around corners/inside buildings (Probably rendering a new scene) which leads to some pretty bad CQC reactions
  • Missing reloading/throwing/firing/aiming animations
  • Scopes outlining the surrounding area (Specially notable when cycling the bolt in a Mosin with a high tier scope

My setup:
Windows 7 64 bit
Intel Core i5 6400 @ 2.70GHz
4096MB Radeon RX 470

Is there anyway to fix this?

Did you happen to install the game in a SSD? I would recommend to delete content of the app data folder in “%LOCALAPPDATA%\Insurgency\Saved\Config\WindowsClient” if you haven't done so already.

Within a few months or so. I'm planning to build my own PC in the future. I need to make sure I have more data for my SSD.

First of all the i5 6400 may not be the oldest CPU around, but it surely is at the lower performance spectrum. Sandstorm chews through CPU's. Secondly i suspect you're not using an SSD which would account for the missing content and late pop-ins.

  • select LOW preset
  • maybe increase texture quality to medium to avoid constant texture loading
  • use the tweaks found HERE for Texture Streaming and to increase process priority

If all fails, you might have to look for a hardware upgrade (CPU, SSD).

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Textures popping in long after a round has started.
Getting stuttering as solids ( rifle and walls ) mix.
I supported this title because I honestly believe in the developers, but it's no further forward than the beta for me.

Set up
1080 Ti
i7 6800k @ 4.2GHz
64gb ram
Win 10 64 bit
Game and client running from an SSD

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