[Suggestion] Different daytimes

I just watched some of the older teasers from the Alpha and noticed that the lightning is very different there compared to how it is now in the full release.
I know adjustments has been made due to player feedback saying some areas are too dark.
I general, I support that. Right now you can see better. The daytime seems to be like sometime in the middle afternoon.
However, I really liked the "old" lighting as well.
How about introducing different daytimes:

  1. Afternoon - how it is right now
  2. Early morning / late evening - how it was in the Alpha Teasers
  3. Maybe even ad nighttime (I think you are already working on that)

Let me add, that I don't suggest "dynamic daytime", because round- and gametimes in this game are so short, that one setting will do for the full round/game. Plus you don't want to change meta in the middle of a game (especially in terms of competitive gameplay - some people might argue, that this would bring RNG to the game).

I think this would bring variety to the game, especially because there are "only" 6 maps right now.

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