hit reg.

fix it ...................................................

@muhammad Fudge your footage the hit reg is fucked. Not always but enough of the time I can confirm his claims and if they fixed the fucking replays in the history section I would gladly show you several instances of some very shitty hit boxes and reg... But the replays don’t even work.. ever. Thank you sir have a good day!

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@muhammad Just know that my hostility is not aimed at you but more or less the team. But I am getting tired of people telling me to provide evidence via video footage when there is no good way to do so. Nvidia GeForce doesn’t work they way I would like and I am not going to download a third party to record video and I also don’t use YouTube. Then there is the “replays” I’m not even going to touch on this (have many times) as once again they are broken AF and have been for some time. I wrote this because some of my original reply to you was altered as they feared I was being to aggressive towards you and that was not necessarily my intent. It is getting harder and harder to communicate with some of this community. Just wanted to clear that up!