Server Favorites or History??

Server Favorite or History??
Will server favorites or history ever be added to the game?? It is getting old spending thirty minutes or more looking for a server that you like to play. Next time you put a game out I will wait before spending my money to see if you can add simple features like history or favorites I mean this is 2019 right not 1985.

Hello @Bradenton34208
Thank you for coming to us about this. I will forward your feedback to the team.
Thank you again and have a great one.

History feature is more unusable than before the February 28 patch. Nothing was fixed, but now you can't even skip to a given point in time. Clearly it has been worked on (=new bugs 👌🏽 ) but to what end? Why is this "feature" available in the game, if in its current state it just clearly no point of even thinking of using it, besides being able telling the match ID?