[Bug] Mortars through roof on Precinct

played Checkpoint Security on Precinct and on G an explosive mortar killed at least 3 of us who were in the building.

So what ?
Are you telling us that mortars are not dangerous when you hide under a thin roof ( consisting of pantiles , a wooden frame, plastic foam and isolation material like rock wool ) ?

If you want to be safe from a mortar projectile you better move to the ground floor and bring another level as a buffer zone between you and the mortar explosion area 😉
That worked every time for me.
If you don´t have another floor as a buffer zone then pray to god that the mortar explosion doesn´t get you killed.

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moin Blitz...

it's not my issue, just felt that I have to report it cause the other 2 guys were insta-ranting against the devs and the game, "cause it's not fixed since release". asked them why they didn't report it and told them to do so, but that will probably not happen, that's why i do it here.

problem with the situation was that in a lot other locations we wouldn't have died, it just felt wrong in that moment.

and as far as I know (how it's supposed to work) you should be safe if you have a solid roof above and only should care about windows and doors. tricky subject.