ADS Speed & Hipfire Recoil

@n4thani3l My issue with hipfire isn't aiming the gun itself, as that's pretty easy. My problem is how uncontrollable you are. It's almost like NWI decided that hipfire meant that you were literally firing the weapon from your hip and not your shoulder, and then proceeded to bump the recoil by 40%.

LMGs shouldn't have "low recoil" but they should definitely have less than they do now.

@marksmanmax said in ADS Speed & Hipfire Recoil:

However, if you have a Workshop mod that changes how weapons are viewed (i.e. makes it more realistic) hipfire becomes insanely easy to do (i.e. more like how weapons look in Sandstorm).

Have any examples for this? I'd love to try that out. The only time I have downloaded a workshop skin is when I hate the default sights

@marksmanmax fair enough .. I usualy just tripple tap so all 3 rounds hit the target .. and with guns I use auto fire mode (mp5, mp7 and uzi) I do short burst which seems to be accurate enough to kill the enemy ..

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