Patch-day "review-bombing" and points of worth from reviews

So going through the reviews people dropped on the patch-day, there are a lot of negative reviews and such that literally have no reasoning behind them etc (so obviously can't be used as useful feedback or anything to even remotely consider as a valid complaint), but there were some complaints that seem a bit like there has to be an error in communication somewhere along the way.

First up, there are people complaining there is no communication between the devs and the community (which, we who ACTUALLY use the forum can say is bullshit clearly, as devs are active on here..), so I have a feeling there is a lack of understanding that there even IS a forum to go to, so that message needs to get worked on being spread (I assume a lot of folks think twitter to be the way you do community relations now lol..) so we need devs to take initiative here to make sure people are aware they can go to the forums to post (just gonna tag @Fortran so at least one NWI person is tagged and can maybe spread this further).

My tip to making sure there is awareness of it, is to have a thing in-game that opens up the forum when clicking, and I do recommend bringing back the in-game "submit issue report" thing we had in the alpha or beta for a while (it was very neat).

Now second point, people complain about performance.. and I'm of two minds about this, as it actually got a lot better for me with the new patch, and I don't really have any performance issues anymore because of it, but I understand that any game will run differently for different folks depending on what specs they have and such.. so there is a limit to how much can be said about this exactly from my point of view (as someone that got better performance from the patch lol), and the refusal of people to actually post about their performance issues on the forum and just assume there isn't any communication between devs and community simply because they're not getting twitter-replies or maybe not on steam discussions, doesn't help.

Lastly I'll add on one of the complaints I keep seeing that is (for a lack of a better phrasing) absolute fucking horseshit.. people complaining that the previous installment of insurgency is so much better, but they clearly didn't (or couldn't have by how it's commonly formulated) play it early on, because I sure as hell remember how it ran back then in that early of a state, and how long it took before it got to the point it's at now.. so it disappoints me it gets spread like it does, by people that think the previous title just released in the state it's currently at lol. So it's probably gonna take a while before that stubborn notion goes away from a very vocal misguided uninformed minority spreading such as gospel.

Though all that being said, I have a feeling there will be an uptick when modding/workshop comes along, particularly community-made maps.
If anyone has any points of note as for the improvement of the appeal of the game (outside of the obvious content and performance) I'd like to hear it, because the devs won't know what to do if nobody lets them know what could be done.

you might be getting confused with active moderators not devs

this patch has degraded all aspects of performance for me, so if its been a better ride for you thats great although quickly flicking through your wall of text with the hints of self righteous gloating in there i wonder how different it would be if the next patch doesnt go your way ,

maybe post your specs and driver version

mine are

win10 pro
i7 7700k @4.8
32gb ddr4 3200 corsair dominator platinum ram
evga 1080ti sc2 hydro copper
512 gb samsung pro ssd
nvidia driver 417.71
latest drivers are dog shit

perhaps my specs are not good enough
even after deleting windows client folder after every update

soupy mouse lag @120fps dips of 62fps highs of 170fps feels like 50
invisible hands,guns floating bots etc etc i could list everything but it would be a large wall of text and most have been in since alpha stage

2000+ hours in ins2 even early on

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For point 1. I agree there is some communication but it is farily limited to here or the weekly live streams. I feel they should set reminders/events etc. to let everyone here and on Steam when those live streams happen. I think it would be best to post answers to the Q&A’s from these live streams onto the Steam forums just so there’s a written version available to those who don’t watch live streams.

  1. I still get performance drops, more noticeable in certain maps (I know it as Market, but whatever it’s called in this game, I get frame drops constantly) and the game does need to continue being optimized. I know it’s not an easy feat with the UE4 engine but something has to be done.

  2. The 3rd point does have more weight than “Try playing the Source version in the early days when it was bad.” Sandstorm doesn’t play 1-to-1 with Source. There are differences and some of which make it near impossible to replicate on Sandstorm.

3a. Map Design
It’s hard to not say that the map design is fairly different between these two games. Some bits for the better, other for worse. Only 2 maps are close to their original design, everything else is new and the new maps have a similar issue, they’re open maps as opposed to the claustrophobic map designs of running in and out of buildings. Some of that is still in the game for sure but examples would be farmhouse (east I believe) summit and crossing. These 3 maps have a sniping lane, but also some nasty cross-map angles that are extremely difficult to counter or be aware of. It’s not to say Source doesn’t have issues with map design, but the maps for the most part (can’t stress that enough) gives each team a foot-hold on some section of the map. As opposed to it leaning drastically to 1 team or the other. For clarification I’m talking mainly about Firefight and Skirmish.

3b. Movement + Weapon Handling
Sandstorm has a few changes to how the game feels compared to Source. The characters feel more weighted, weapon sway is more difficult, etc. These differences threw me off big time. To the point where I didn’t want to play the game anymore and stopped for a couple of weeks. I had to tell myself to think of it as a different game, 1 that isn’t tied to Source. With that, I can tolerate the differences but I’m still bugged about it and when I do find myself in certain situations and I can’t get out of them the same way I could in Source, it gets upsetting. I feel these differences are both good and bad. Good because it adds difficulty and changes the meta to some extent. Bad because it feels like it’s not possible to compensate for these differences at times where you need to the most. My best advice would be to tone down these differences slightly. Not back to Source, but somewhere in-between. Doing so would bring back a lot of what made Source feel great, and still add something new to compensate for without it being entirely alien to players of Source.
+1700 hours in Source.

@b4ndo said in Patch-day "review-bombing" and points of worth from reviews:

win10 pro

That seems to be the trend right there, those I know play it on W7 seem to have better performance (for whatever that's worth) than W10.

Also.. I'm running 417.35.

This thread is about dialogue, it's all appreciated, we have to do our part and report issues we encounter. Such bugs as the no-hands is funny, not critical, but needs fixing nonetheless, bots critically need work, though mostly I don't hear of many other bugs than that.. bots are a big one though (helis included in that).

Granted, it's still early-life..

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