There is still a problem with laser pointers and scopes

Hi !

So, I mentionned a few weeks (months ?) back a problem that was not fixed with last patch. The laser pointer gets bigger the more distant it is from the weapon, most likely so that we can still see it correctly no matter the distance, but when we aim down magnifying optics it looks weird and way out of proportions. Here's a picture :

alt text

The scale is broken. It must be as big as a human head right now...
Also, it's quite obvious that the dot is in fact a square. in addition to that, the color is wrong too. It shouldn't be orange like this. A bright red circle would be more appropriate.

Hi there again !

Just reporting some other scope related issue... The 2x holo sight has a weird not transparent enough patch on it :

alt text

EDIT : According to the just now released patch, this issue was fixed.

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The laser's red dot bug is still there I think. And also as someone mentioned, the laser cannot be seen when pointed at a person. It just completely disappears, which does kind of defeat it's purpose.

@sgt-kanyo Yup. Definitely needs to be redesigned...