Hands morphing into weapons

0_1553898352073_Insurgency Sandstorm 2019.03.27 - (3).jpg So I've experienced this glitch ever since i first downloaded the game. It's like this for every player including enemies. I've tried re downloading the game but nothing worked. I also can't find anyone else online who has had this glitch or a bug similar to mine. [0_1553898271634_Insurgency Sandstorm 2019.03.27 -](Uploading 100%)

Hey @woozybmx,

Thanks for sharing this. What are your graphic settings in-game? What GPU and CPU do you have?

i like it, you have become one with your weapon 😃

@chaton thanks for the reply! I have a 8600k and a gtx 1060 both of which are slightly overclocked. I've tried altering my settings to alot of different iterations but to no effect. I currently have it set to high preset with motion blur off and TAA enabled.

@b4ndo it was funny at first but every character model i see has this insane amount of collision