post 1.1.4 tactical vehicle glitch

when i get inside a vehicle my legs glitch like this and blocks my view

1_1554463531768_20190405155248_1.jpg 0_1554463531767_20190312004127_1.jpg

Hey @Potato-Rage,
Thanks for the screenshots! Will pass on to the team!

i have the exact same glitch ever since i first downloaded the game a few months ago. Do you also have a weird glitch when viewing other players hands? like their fingers are sticking straight out? View my last post to fully understand what im saying lol

@woozybmx yes i also face the same issue with hands i had posted it here but then it got deleted by the mods i guess, maybe because of the custom engine.ini file. i found that file and replaced it with the original hopefully everything works out this time

@chaton thank you for noticing this issue but i can now confirm that after i changed the engine.ini file to the default one this issue has been solved.

@potato-rage Same here although I have another issue where I can't switch to a male security force. I'm forever stuck as a female. Any idea what could be the issue?

I have this exact same problem when I try to drive the wife's Fiat 126.

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