My own Feedback - Feeling about the game

Hi everybody,

I bought the game when it came out, and I follow this forum for a while, and I think it's time for me to give my opinion on this game.

I am just an humble player, not an ex-special forces weapon expert tactical game designer player. I play only two modes: local game, just me, my 3 IA buddies and all the IA opponents, or COOP games.
Also, I don't play CoD or Battlefield or anything else because it is not "realistic" enough for me (jumping from a plane, killing someone in air, going back into the plane and everything).
So Insurgency Sandstorm is my type of game. I didn't know the licence before it.

Overall, I like this game, with strong qualities:

  • Very good handling with pleasant sensation, feeling smooth and precise enough with the mouse
  • Very effective ambient sound, especially when rounds fly over. Overall, a good immersion.
  • Well designed maps, with both long/middle range and close combat in a same map
  • Weapon Handling and design, I like seeing the round from the mag through the weapon being ready to get into that chamber.
  • Weapon accessories
  • The suicide man. haha, I remember the first one I saw "wtf is he doing??!!!!!"

So yeah, I have fun playing this game. Versus IA is the right balance between “it is hard enough to have a challenge” and “hey, it is just a game, so enjoy it during your freetime”.

So first, I played only local game, to practice.
I still have some performance issue, lagging for 2 to 5 seconds (it looks like in specific map area), but I understand this game is not made by hundreds of people from a big studio. Sometimes it is frustrating when a bot kill you during lagging, but that’s just a game.

Then I played on-line coop, and then you realize that people also make the game.
I had soooo much fun during several games, with people not rushing, taking time to clear angles, and with communication between each other.
But most of the time, it was people running in every direction, shooting everything moving (and friendly fire of course), jumping, trying everything possible to make high score.

Finally, I started to get annoyed, with still the same maps, and in Coop, still the same game mode. I stopped playing for a while.
But I missed the feeling of that game, the focus you need and the satisfaction to get the job done, so I get back, on local game.
Few days ago, I played On-Line Coop again, taking my time even if some are rushing, and I enjoy it again. I see some people making very good move (very effective suppressing fire with machine gun on specific spot for instance, other cleaning angles properly…)

On personal side, I would like to see more maps and weapons skins. I answered the survey, I am happy with the answer and the fact that players are listened.
The next map looks promising.

This is not a perfect game, but hell yeah I enjoy it.
So after all the harsh word I have seen on this forum, I would like to thank the DEV TEAM for their hard work.
For sure I also read some very good comment from player to improve the game, so thanks to them.

For now, I still have not convinced my friend to join the game, but I’ll keep trying.

See you on the “battlefield”!

Hi @xavski_HoxFra
Thank you so much for sharing this with us 😊 it's always nice to learn how a specific player feels about the game and how your views on it happened to change through time and experiences.
We really appreciate the support 💪 I hope you will love the next map and that you will enjoy the game! Don't hesitate to hit me up if you have new feedbacks once it's out and you've tried it!

@xavski_hoxfra Hey Xavski - It sounds like you are a lot like me with Sandstorm. I would encourage you to get Insurgency as well the source version.

It is a little bit older of a graphics engine but believe me if you enjoy the coop as much as I think you do you will love what some people did with the different theaters on the community side. And NWI official servers are fun too. But the real "tactical fun" is with community servers that have as many as 18 freakin people on one team against 50+ bots. NWI knows how to create carnage in gameplay and with the workshop handed to us we as a community took their Frankenstein to another level.
Look up Sernix on steam community and join up with them they are full of fun coop fans who love tactical play too, you will fit right in. 😀
I know its frustrating to step into a match that doesnt feel like a gunfight but a race to a b c d e etc. It makes your valuable time you chose to spend on the game slightly annoyed when it should have been a fun outlet. I just wanted to let you know there are people out there in your shoes and we are sharing out thoughts on it too. I feel ya. But NWI has another game thats a little older but still very much fun with a large player base and awesome community servers still packed sometimes for when you feel like this game needs time to progress more. Feel free to add me if you would like on steam. my profile here has my steam account just click me.

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Hi @Raibi, thanks for the answer, it's a pleasure. It is not a technical feedback, but yeah, a little bit of support is good for the mood. I think the difficulty here is there are as much requests as players, as we all see the game in a different way. The communication is a powerful tool, as we saw from the survey and the results you bring us, it was well received by the community.
Sure, I will feedback the next map. I have seen the last picture, no doubt we will enjoy it 🙂

Hi @Max80, thanks also for your answer!!
It is nice to hear we can have fun playing the same game style.
Actually, when I bought Insurgency Sandstorm, I ran it on an old PC from 2013. Even with low settings in 720p, it was difficult to play, but still I enjoyed it!!
Waiting for a new computer (I have since then), I played a little bit Insurgency, but never online (at the time my connection was so bad it was not possible). Sure it is a little bit older, but there are so much maps and the philosophy is the same.
I will look into it, thanks for the tips. For sure, game experience is much better when you play with people sharing the same game style.

Maybe the lunch of the game is not as smooth as expected, but there is already a very strong foundation, and I am confident for the future of Insurgency Sandstorm.


Hi there,

After several hours playing 1.3 updates, here is my feedback:

  • New MAP = it is gorgeous and exciting, a mix between all the first maps, a combination of CQB and wide area, which makes this map one of the best in Sandstorm.

  • Eotech update = I mainly use eotech in game, but it was to bright for middle and long range shoot, masking the target. Basically I switched to the aimpoint for that matter. With the update, it looks like more natural/real, and we can easily aim no matter the distance. Looks like a detail, but I am very happy with it.

  • Character customization/menu, it is very nice, and balaclava is quiete a good idea. It is also nice to make some camo mix, with gears in Multicam and uniform in woodlands for instance.
    Sometimes, I see people with different camo between combat shirt and pants. Is it possible, I can't find the settings to do it (would love a woodlands combat shirt and a multicam pant).

  • MRO Red dot = very nice gear, still prefer the eotech, but it is a nice adding, I felt it was missing before.

  • New weapons = basically I did not use the new weapons, as I like the one already existing.

  • Hardcore mode = first, I tried it in local game, with my 3 AI buddies. Well, I was a little bit disappointed, walking so slow, which is a problem for room entry/clearance. I really like the gun handling while running.
    Then, I tried hardcore coop online, and then I realized this mode is amazing, cause everyone is playing as I like: no more XP race, and people tries to work together to improve playing efficiency. For me, it is a huge success from the studio, and it is what I was looking for.
    Thanks a lot for your effort.

  • Fanzy mode = I was convinced I will play it only few times and that's it. Finally, it is so hard to survive that it makes this game mode very nice too. You have to count on your buddies to help you, always keep moving and shoot faster. It is finally a very good way to practice the game with a lot of fun !! Finally, even if it is far from the main purpose of the game, it is a nice addition.

  • I had the same problem as anyone: playing 3-4 times in a row the same map with the same people... Actually, playing with the same people was nice. Now, we play different maps everytime, which is much more better, but the player turn over is quite high, and we don't play anymore with the same guys.

To sum-up: I am very happy with the last updateS, I enjoy it a lot. The new map is outstanding, hardcore coop is a lot of fun and closer to the purpose of Sandstorm.
The roadmap looks promising, s great job, keep pushing!