Tie breakers, Firemode not resetting, Laggy character models and hitboxes, Blood-splatter Effect Not Working Half The Time, Joining Games that End LITERALLY as You Join Them, Weird exp and leveling system and Finally, First Shot Recoil.

Tie Breakers
Literally Everyone: Best 2 out of 3, best 3 out of 5...

NWI: Best 2 out of 2?????? Best 3 out of 4??????????????????????

Just be normal, NWI, and give us tie breakers...

Me: Plays a game of (insert gamemode), changes to semi-auto, trys tap firing, dies, doesn't play for 3 days.

Also Me: Comes back after 3 days of contemplating my existance, joins game of (insert gamemode), picks the gun I was using 3 DAYS AGO, goes to SPRAY someone down, dies because my gun was STILL ON SEMI-AUTO from 3 WHOLE DAYS AGO!!!!

This needs to be changed. I am not going to remember to switch my firemodes back to whatever the default is, and I shouldn't have to worry about what firemode my gun is on. Now to have some accountability. I know I can lock the firemode selection on screen, but after a patch or a hotfix, that resets for some reason and also, if it is on, I don't usually look to see what my gun is on when I first start the round cause I assume its default LIKE LITERALLY EVERY OTHER SHOOTER.
In my opinion, your firemode should reset everytime you die.

Laggy Characters and Hitboxes
Trying to lead your shot in this game is clunky af. With how the projectile system works it is, really hard to determine how much to lead. And when your bullet connects, and if the blood-splatter works, the splatter animation will proceed while the player runs and leaves it behind, making it seem like it's floating. This is also a problem for close to medium range, but it's a tad different. Shooting at moving target close range to mid range is really weird. It's almost like the hitbox doesn't compensate for the character lagging. Even playing with a good connection, and firing at an enemy with similar connection, it still feels like the character is running ahead of his hitbox.

Blood-splatter Effect Not Working Half The Time
When I shoot someone, I expect to see some sort of blood splatter. Even if this isn't realistic, it's a competitive hardcore shooter (difference between hardcore and realistic) and it doesn't have to be realistic. Now, as far as I know, there is blood splatter for headshots and torso shots, but probably more than half the time they either don't register, render in, or possibly the effect happens inside the player model. On top of this, and I know for a fact this is a thing, is the body contorting when hitting an enemy, and this almost never works.
This is something that needs to be addressed. If it is in the game, IT HAS TO BE CONSISTENT!

Joining Games that LITERALLY End as You Join Them
I don't think I need to say much. Please implement a system that block players from joining endgame lobbies.

First Shot Recoil
As seen in this game, the devs like to try an make guns realistic. And a very unrealistic aspect, is the first shots recoil being like 20% or 30%, and with some guns, even 40% higher then the following bullets. This effects two factors: Burst firing(which a few guns have as a firemode) and Tap firing. Burst firing is normally used for closer to mid range, but because of this characteristic, it makes it way to hard to accurately burst fire. As for tap firing, well this utilizes the first shot, and the first shot only. From my personal experience, it is too unbalanced to tap fire.

In general, I believe the recoil should be reduced along all situations(suppression, fatigue, falling, jumping, walking into invisible fire, etc.).
This would not be over powered. It would obviously be for everyone... I already see noobs who can't control the recoil for shit and they get destroyed. It is already easy enough to kill them, so it wouldn't make much difference, and it would make competitive more balanced.
(this second section is talking about recoil in general.)

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