Terrible FPS

I spent the weekend playing the free to play and would love to buy the game now but can't with the current system performance. It took me several hours of tweaking to get it to average 30 to 40 fps. Most of the time it's pretty unplayable.

I'll happily cough up the cash if it's playable.

I'm running a MSI 65F Stealth, i7 8750-H @ 2.2GHz, NVidia RTX 2070, 2TB SSD, 32GB RAM DDR4-2666.
It plays pretty much every game I have (Black Ops 4, Apex, etc.) on high or ultra with no issues.
Sandstorm is painful.

@DevNull_za said in Terrible FPS:

i7 8750-H

Buddy this game is really hardware demanding and we all know that it needs optimization but i can assure you that you don´t use the full potential of your CPU right at the moment with only 2.2 GHZ.
If you google you will find many websites and videos how to overclock that specific CPU to 4.1 GHZ and more with some basic knowledge of your BIOS of your Mainboard !

I also overclocked my 10 years old Core-i7 from regular 2,66 GHZ to stable 3,9 GHZ ( only using a better aircooler than the standard one )
That might help to push the FPS up a little until NWI finds a way to make this game more CPU and GPU demanding.
Right now its only using 35-45 % CPU and 30-45 % GPU processing power.
Why not 80% or 90 % ! ?
Nobody knows
Anyway i get between 65-110 FPS in the game, depending on situation and bot count.

By the way , did you try this guide for optimizing your graphics performance ?

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Nice one, thanks mate.

I haven't needed to overclock anything yet so hadn't considered it. If the CPU could be the bottleneck I'll give it a try. Guess I have to buy the game to try it out.
I'll also try the tutorial, there is a bunch of stuff in there I haven't tried yet.

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Hope you read up on why overclocking is not recommended as well.

Think about why your cpu is not overclocked from the factory. The answer is that they keep it at a conservative speed to keep its durability higher so it lasts longer- Then the logic in any positive overclock guide gets pretty whack IF you care about your computer lasting some years.

The "logic" goes along some lines of yeah but its conservative so its safe to bump it up a bit, or just keep it cooled and you be fine.

Now why would a hardware distributor keep the clock speed far below risky levels - To ensure its below risky levels yes.

Truth is if you have a warranty you want to keep
or want your pc to work as intended more than a couple of years, or is not sure exactly what you are doing, be careful.



Believe or not but my CPU was overclocked since the very beginning of it´s life in my PC.
Regular speed was 2.66 GHZ and i overclocked to 3,9 GHZ and its been 10 years now.
The CPU works like day one !
It never had ANY heat problems because i use a big Thermaltake CPU air-cooler with two 120 mm fans mounted on it which are blowing the air through the countless metal fins of the custom CPU air cooler right to the backside and out of the Desktop-PC housing.
A third fan is on the front of the PC housing in the same height of the other two fans so the way of the air is not disturbed from getting in and out of the PC.
I am cleaning the fans and the cooler from dust from time to time ( every 4 months ) to keep the cooling level at a good rate.

I can put some heavy load on it with CPU stress-software and the temperature never rises more than 70 degrees Celsius. In games its mostly at 45-50 degrees Celsius because no game i played so far put the stress on it like that mentioned CPU stress software ( HeavyLoad , Prime95 ).

So how long do you think can a CPU run with standard clocking ?
20 years ?
30 years ?

I say it all depends on the cooling !
By the way a CPU older than 15 - 20 years is a dinasor under the newer CPU generations and you cannot expect comparable super computing power.
But my 3,9 GHZ - 4 Core ( 8 Threads ) CPU is still able to handle all new games ( combined working with a MSI - GTX 1080 Ti Graphics card ) and all games ( including ARMA 3 and DCS Flight simulator ) run like a charm.
Especially Unreal Engine 4 games are very hardware intensive and they need so much computing power.
Insurgency Sandstorm is the only game that has some serious FPS drops so far ( between approx. 65 - 110 FPS )

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I have an i7-8700K at 4.7 GHz all cores and also a GTX 1080 Ti at 1.8 GHz. My minimum fps is 52 which is not great but good enough.

This game only uses 2 cores for me, so most of the CPU is doing nothing. A high clock speed might be necessary.

I doubt that you can overclock at all with a laptop, it probably has terrible cooling.

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Please ignore people who suggest overclocking etc. Definately not something you should do on a laptop ,or any modern cpu in order to get at least 60fps.The issue is somewhere else.

Your cpu should be running at 3.9 ghz when all cores are loaded,and up to 4.1ghz if 1 core is loaded.Check your cpu speed while you are gaming to ensure its reaching that frequency,if not check your temps using hwinfo for example,if the cpu is getting too hot it will lower its speed.

Play around with the game video settings,I have found some settings to have big impact while not affecting the game looks at all.

btw,I am running at 100-140fps at all maxed out ,3440x1440 res with only an i7 8700k and 1080ti ,32gb ram(all overclocked,under water).The only thing I have changed is shadow map resolution to 1024x1024.

Update your Nvidia drivers! that will surely help too.

Realizing right now that the topic creator is talking of a laptop ... well i wasn´t aware of that, sorry for any missunderstanding !

I was talking about a desktop PC in my case. But you should have realized that when i was talking about three 120 mm fans in my PC casing and the Thermaltake CPU cooler etc.

I definatly stick with those who tell you NOT to overclock the CPU cores on your laptop !
In general in laptops you cannot change the CPU cooler by custom coolers and therefore there is some serious danger in overclocking standard cooled CPU´s because they tend to overheat quickly.
Laptops are not the best choise for gaming, especially not for games of newer date ( which are using the Unreal Engine 4 or comparables ) which need a lot of computing power.

May be my little guide will help to raise the FPS a little.
Good luck mate.

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@parrot1553 Your minimum fps must be like 30.