Feedback from a dedicated flanker player regarding XP rewards


The way I like to play the game is by flanking the enemy on both attack and defense, preventing them from holding the point, setting up sniper spots, intercepting them after they respawn, finding their prone MGs, etc. I, of course, run onto point when on the attacking side when it's needed, but usually I'm between their spawn and the point delaying them while my team captures.

However, the game doesn't reward you for this at all. I feel like my role is completely valid in the game, and despite me not being on the point, I am preventing the enemy from reaching the point. I'm often able to drop 30-50 kills in a game doing this if it's a long one. I know kills don't matter, but if I kill four that are rushing towards the point, shouldn't I get some XP bonus for that?

It feels frustrating to get +10 XP for 50 kills when you were doing a significant enough job to prevent the enemy from reaching point/sniping/etc.

Hey @cxmplex,

Thanks for your feedback. It'll be passed on to the team!

I've wondered about this, too, though not from the Competitive mode standpoint. If Sandstorm is a game that rewards teamwork, then all who perform a useful job on the team should be rewarded when the team succeeds. The interesting question is how to do that without shifting the tables so that the game rewards more than just getting kills.

In general, I think it's fine for the players who are on point to get more points because they are assuming the bulk of the risk in sitting where the enemy is guaranteed to be trying to find them. On the other hand, keeping the enemy from arriving there to find them in the first place is pretty important to capping a point. Not sure what the answer might be, but this is a good point.

After playing for a while i noticed that the game gives XP based on the time played, Instead of giving XP based on your K:D and Obj caps. I personally feel like it needs to be changed, So it actually feels rewarding after winning a match with like 30-ish kills.