Game keeps Crashing After 1.4

@Bronbin Is it always when you are doing well too?

If I am having a bad game.. no crashes haha.

I tried to roll back my drivers to 436.15 as someone suggested, but it still crashed a few games afterwards.

@Nickoglas Good or bad doesn't seem to matter just that it's a few games in, and usually at halftime when choosing a class the last few crashes. Think its purely on their end has nothing to do with drivers but something bugged in the rolling playlist system (I never had a single crash before 1.4 with over 400 hours)

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@Bronbin Oh yeah I just meant it's typical it seems to crash on a game where I am doing well and we are winning haha.

I agree, and it also happens to me when changing a loadout/class. I don't have as many hours, just over 200 but until 1.4 never had a single crash, agree it is something to do with the rolling playlist.

Since 1.4 I am also experiencing people just quitting, but perhaps they aren't quitting and the game is simply crashing for them. Either way it's leading to some very unbalanced matches.

This game still crashing constantly. I have sent many crash reports.

You guys should roll back 1.4 if you can't even make it stable.

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Revert the game back to a version which works please.

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I am still waiting for a stable version of the game.

I am still waiting for a stable version of the game.

@Grave Although mine does still crash and I can understand your frustrations (especially when playing with a friend with no way to rejoin the server) rolling back to the previous Nvidia drivers made crashes less frequent for me, it now happens perhaps once every few days instead of several times a day. It might be worth a shot as it sounds like you're still having issues. I believe mine is version 436.15

There is a new GPU update out this week but I am not going to update it in the fear I then have to roll back twice.....

also having crashes that never occurred prior to 1.4 ... 😞

For me it did a un- and a reinstall of the whole game.
Not sure why, but it happend for me after every single major update so far.
So everytime a new update comes, I just uninstall and reinstall the game, then it runs stable.

Edit1: I just take it back, it crashed.

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